Wednesday, 10 March 2010

The Art Form Unknown

Okay, well, I've abandoned that stupid 00's round-up idea cos my brain won;t work like that, and really, well, who cares?

So, I was wondering around the internet and I thought that it makes more sense to put people on to things that I'm consuming nowdays. In a weird way though, I can tie it in with an appreciation of yesteryear. What am I on about>

Asaurus Records is BACK on the scene. People out there may not be familiar with Asaurus, and I can honestly say that I don't know how/when/where I came across them but it must've been around 2004-5 I suppose.

Asaurus was (and, I suppose is again) a CDr label that put out some amazing stuff, and stuff that you may well be familiar with, even if yr not familiar with the label. Capstan Shafts, Colin Clary, Mathletes, The Diskettes, Pants Yell!, and Red Pony Clock all did stuff on Asaurus before they label when on hiatus a couple of years back.

I'm not sure what Asaurus has lined up for the future, but you can bet it'll be good stuff. It's a good idea to keep an eye on their new Facebook Group, as that seems to be where the updates are at for the moment, rather than the website.

So, it's because of the announcement of Asaurus's hiatus that I was lead to the MySpace of a band that up until now I thought had only ever done 2 songs (both on Asaurus compilations), but it turns out that The Art Form Unknown (AKA The Artist Formerly Unknown) have LOADS of stuff recorded, if not available to the public. I'd love to get my grubby mits on those tapes and put them in my ears.

Neither of the 2 songs that got me all hot & bothered about The Art Form Unknown are available on their Myspace, the details of the compilation they were on is listed below.

Okay, so, what was I talking about? Basically, remember these two things: The Art Form Unknown, and Asaurus Records. Woo!

DETAILS: ASA035 / CDR / $3
RELEASED: July 13th, 2004
DESCRIPTION: Pop compilation of enormous proportions. Originally released by Me No Know Records.
TRACKLISTING: The Artist Formerly Unknown (feat. Emilliene) – How Are You? / The Broken Hearts Club – Abbotsford and Flemington / The Arcade Fire – No Cars Go / Elliott the Letter Ostrich – Jethro’s Stolen Wheels / The Galactic Heroes – Tweedles / Melamine – A Dock Rat Now / Professor Pez – Never Got It / Paper Tiger – Mars in May / The Measles – Rebekah Elmaloglou / The French Horns – 45 / Bad Flirt – Boxing Astoria / Awesome Animal Ambulance – Operation Kitty / Seasick Crocodile – Treetop Love / This Bank Holiday – He Prefers the Movie Novelization / Sinkcharmer – Nothing To Me / Teradactyl – 110% / The 32-bit Handhelds – Woodchuck to Grey Squirrel / The Escargo-go’s – The Life of a Total Square / The Fresas – The Dance / The Solvents – Dancing on my Debts / Big Game Hunting – Ready or Not / The Operators – What the Mailman doesn’t Bring / Sarah Plain and Tall – Winter Song / The Protean Self – Tag, I’m it

DETAILS: ASA034 / CDR / $4
RELEASED: September 16th, 2004
DESCRIPTION: The challenge: Record a song using only battery-powered kiddie keyboards and your voice. Millions tried, but only seventeen survived. This is their story.
TRACKLISTING: Patterns in Paris - I Spy / The Art Form Unknown - Values Monetary / The I Love Ryans - Witch Dr / The New Sound of My Bossa Nova - A Story / Colin Clary - Remember in November / Megamoog - Goodbye / New Grenada - Lightning Parade / Elliott the Letter Ostrich - Kennedy Wears a Colostomy Bag... / Seiss - If We Are Holding Hands How Can I Touch Myself? / The Original Beekeepers - Nina / Dentist Dispense - All Girls are Lesbians / The Bad Spellers - White Day / The Goslings - Panopticon / Super Famicom - Wishes Dangling on Dead Desires / This Bank Holiday - She's Spiritual, But Not Religious / Andrew Octopus - Soapbubble Revolution / Young Model - Battle for C64 (Atari Sucks)