Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sourpatch - Crushin'

I was worried when I got the record out of the sleeve. The vinyl seemed a little warped. Well actually it seemed alarmingly warped. Everything was okay when I got it on the turntable, though. It plays fiiiiiiiiine..

The vinyl version of this album comes with a download code thingy for you youngsters and technophiles. The cover isn't in full colour -the CD version is, I think- but it does come with a lyrics insert doohickey, which is nice.

I've already said over on Anorak that each time I listen to this album I find my self thinking 'ooh, this is my favourite song on the album.' Then the next song starts and I think '..oh, no, this is my favourite song on the album!' This continues til I have to flip the record over. then it's repeated ad infinitum. It makes me feel extra guilty/stoopid for getting so trashed on the Friday of Popfest that I couldn't really take them in (though I do have vague recollections of possibly hug-ATTACKing one or more of them).

So do they actually sound like?

The interwebs will mention bands like Go Sailor, Cub, and '90's pop punk.' They're 2 guitars/bass/drums set up, several vocalists inc. some boy/girl stuff. At first I didn't really like the way the album was recorded (thought the vocals were too quiet), I'm not really sure how I came to that conclusion, cos within a day or so I had changed my mind.

They're a lovely, joyful (in an often sombre way) sort of shambolic indiepoppunk. It's exactly the sort of thing that we should all love. It's bouncy without being vacuous, it's sweet without being saccharine, it's fun without being funny, it's whimsical without being affected, and it's pop music, but it's far from twee.

They've got the album on CD and the 7" over at Pebble Records, for the album on vinyl I think you'll have to order it direct from Happy Happy Birthday To Me. What're you waiting for?

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